The contents of these courses and workshops are for your general information and use for job searching. The information is subject to change as information gets updated.

Employment Strategy courses are for professionals who have educational and employment backgrounds in this area of study

The courses are non-credit courses to be used for information purposes and not towards recognition by any regulatory body or professional association.

COSTI does not guarantee employment after completion of a specific course or workshop. However our counsellors are always available to meet with you on your specific job search needs.

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Office Administration Course

Sector-specific terminology and workplace communication/culture skills for internationally trained office administrators and individuals interested in working in  the Office Administration field.

A Certificate of Completion is awarded upon completion.

The next course will begin on May 8 to May 26,2017

E-Facilitators: Jamila Wilson & Heidi Fuentes- COSTI Employment Services

To access this course you will need an enrollment key.

For more information  contact  To register directly please complete the online registration found  on the main page.  If you have previously registered just send an e-mail to Heidi Fuentes COSTI Online Service Administrator at and request registration in the course.