Welcome to Employment Strategies for Professionals. 

Some of the courses are E-facilitated and some are Self Directed; however our experienced e-facilitators are available to answer any questions you may have.

Regulated Professions

Regulated professions in Canada means that there is a regulatory body that requires you to have a certificate and to be registered with them before you can practice in the field. In this category we offer:

Unregulated Professions

The majority of jobs in Ontario are unregulated, which means it is not necessary to register with a regulatory body; however, there are some voluntary bodies which provide certification courses and registration and which may assist you with your job search.  In this category we offer:

NOTE: These courses are non-credit courses to be used for information purposes and not towards recognition by any regulatory body or professional association.

Employment Strategy courses are for professionals who have educational and employment backgrounds in this area of study

COSTI does not guarantee employment after completion of a specific course or workshop. However our counsellors are always available to meet with you to help with your specific job search needs.

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