The contents of these courses and workshops are for your general information and use for job searching. The information is subject to change as information gets updated.

Employment Strategy courses are for professionals who have educational and employment backgrounds in this area of study

The courses are non-credit courses to be used for information purposes and not towards recognition by any regulatory body or professional association.

COSTI does not guarantee employment after completion of a specific course or workshop. However our counsellors are always available to meet with you on your specific job search needs.

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COSTI has designed an online course for Internationally Trained Engineers in the areas of Civil, Mechanical, Chemical and Electrical. The Employment Strategies for Engineers is a self-directed course which aims to increase the labour market integration of internationally trained Engineers by providing tools and information on the licensing process, Canadian workplace culture, business language, Engineering terminology and employability skills.

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This is a self-directed course; participants can complete the course modules at their own pace. To access the course you will be required to enter an enrollment key. Please contact COSTI Online Services site administrator Heidi Fuentes if you wish to access this course. Enjoy your Online Learning.

Course Overview:  Accounting Sector-Specific Terminology, Workplace Communication and Culture for Internationally Trained Accounting Professionals.

This is a 3 week course designed for Internationally Trained Accounting Professionals new to Ontario ( less than 3 years) interested  in learning about sector-specific terminology, workplace communication, labour market information and effective job search strategies.

Please note this course is not available at this time as we are currently updating its content.

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